Garden Electrics

Garden electrics are sometimes the most overlooked part of your garden. You’ve spent ages getting the rest of it just right, why not get the electrics done properly.

There is nothing nicer than sitting in your garden on a warm evening and at dusk switch the lighting on to illuminate features prominent in your garden. Maybe a few shrubs or a tree here and there. Over use of lighting can at times be as bad as under usage.

Misplaced lighting such as solar lighting often looks lost and ineffective. Before now the option to use solar lighting was due to the unwillingness to upturn a well tendered garden. A delicately placed armoured cable with strategically placed joints can provide switched options for spike lighting or decking lighting. Also a supply to a suitable IP (Ingress Protection) socket in your garden could supersede that ugly extension lead with the well advised RCD plug top. As with any installation , the garden supplies are tested and inspected and a notification issued in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations.

I cannot stress enough the importance of proper installations with regards to special locations and in particular external lighting and power. All have to be installed with safety paramount and consequently the suitability of cabling and connections as well as protection have to be thought about and calculated for every instance.